I have been a client of Maria M. Gross since 1997. At the time, our home was new construction and I was going to decorate it with furnishings and window treatments that we had in our previous home. But I had enough of the “Ethan Allen” look and I wanted to bring the interior decorating of my home up to the next level. I wanted my home to look sophisticated, unique, and timeless.

I hired Maria because I liked her decorating style. She understands and respects my likes and dislikes. She advises me on what is classic and what was outdated. Basically, she knows what looks good and what would be consistent with my taste. Maria values my opinion, but very often, I need her opinion, because I am not confident that if I love something today, that I would still love it months from now in my home. Hence, over the years, Maria has helped me develop and refine my own personal sense of style. She has helped me figure out what I like and what looks good.

Maria has decorated almost my entire home, and thoughout this adventure, she has never steered me wrong. Every day, I admire the rooms we've decorated, and I am so happy and proud of how beautiful they have turned out. I have come to the conclusion that there is no way that I could have accomplished it without her.

Sincerely, -Elizabeth von Autenried
Residences in Princeton, New Jersey

My husband and I began working with Maria in 1996 and have continued to this day. Every time we finish a project, I come up with another one to continue our relationship.

Our first experience with a decorator was not a good one and ended badly. We subsequently hired Maria and she put us at ease the moment she walked through the door. She was very positive in her ideas, and while she understood that we were not happy with the previous designer's work, she never said anything negative. She transformed our home from a dull, oppressive one into a light, airy, and exciting environment.

She took a dark living room with black carpet and draperies, pink sofas and walls, and ugly chairs and transformed it into an art showcase with a light carpet, faux painted walls, reupholstered the furniture, added pale draperies next to the black ones for interest, and just make the whole room feel warm and inviting.

Maria's pricing is more than fair. She asks for a retainer for an estimated number of hours, but gives much more than that. She doesn't insist that everything be bought through her, which gives us the freedom of finding things on our own throughout our travels and having her place them in just the right spot.

Maria really listens to us and understands our concerns even better than we do. If we mention in passing that we like something, or if we point a fabric out saying we like it, she finds a way of incorporating it into her design. She never says our ideas are unworkable, she just modifies them to fit.

She has a group of artists and artisans that do wonderful work. We're never concerned when she recommends a person. If we're not happy with something, or if something comes in damaged, she doesn't give up until the matter is resolved to our satisfaction.

She has been a real friend to us. She is always professional, but also relaxed and fun. Nothing is ever a big deal to her and we're not afraid to run crazy ideas past her. If she can make them work, she will.

We would definitely recommend working with Maria. It's a wonderful, fun experience and the results are everything we had hoped for.

-Larry and Fran
Residences in Princeton, and Long Beach Island, New Jersey

We purchased a new house after living in a previous home for 28 years, I honestly was so overwhelmed, I did not know where to begin. A good friend of mine suggested using Maria and my first reaction was I can't afford an Interior Designer. I called her in anyway and soon found out that Maria was saving us money! I was able to utilize what I wanted to incorporate byMaria freshening things up and adding to it. Bold colored paints & finishes, new pieces of furniture, rugs, accessories and custom Window Treatments transformed my new house into a home. Maria kept within our budget, the pricing was not astronomical and estimates were true.

Maria is a pure Professional. She guided me on creating focal points in the house to accomplish a dramatic look. My home is beautiful, thanks to Maria! When I entertained Managers of my Company in my new home they sat breathless! They all asked me how I put all of this together so well?...... I am still smirking!!!

Maria's notorious words "I will make it work." And she did! Interior Design is a Love to Maria this is apparent and working with Maria is a pure pleasure.

-Sharon and Scott

Maria has helped us with several projects in our home including an update of our living room, kitchen and foyer. We have been pleased with the outcome of every project. She offers terrific advice and suggestions. She transformed our rather bland living room into a focal point with a lovely custom fireplace mantel and adjacent selves including fabulous architectural details. She selected beautiful fabrics for our 1930-40’s fireside chairs and sofa. We are currently working on the kitchen and the change is as dramatic as the living room. Having lived in three homes always with beige walls, we are now enjoying some color. Maria is always willing to work with the things that we own and not quick to replace with something new. The kitchen update is a good example of how to update without starting all over.

Maria always keeps us informed as the projects are progressing. She has terrific local resources to do the work on the projects which is a tremendous relief. We feel that the investment of money for her services has been so worth it, as we love the end result, have a great deal of confidence in her suggestions, and are less frustrated by decorating decisions.

-Diane and David
Princeton Junction, New Jersey